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 Tennis Anyone?
Author: Greg (
Date:   08-25-03 18:12

Have you ever felt like getting together for a casual singles or doubles tennis match but not been able to find anyone available to meet up with? I'm wondering if there might be any interest among other tennis enthusiasts in the Taylor County area to set up some kind of an ongoing tennis "date" where anyone interested could just show up and play whomever else happens to be there.

Personally I am more interested in the exercise and entertainment than I am at participating in any tournament play, but there might be some others out there who would like to get more serious. So I'd like to open up this "thread" to discussion to see if there are any others out there who have any thoughts along this line.

And in a related matter, I'd like to know who is in charge of making decisions like deciding when to resurface the courts in the Medford park. Grass growing up through the cracks isn't very condusive to tennis play.


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