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 winter bird feeders
Author: Connie (
Date:   01-12-02 19:11

(Yes Greg, it really is me ! )

My family has maintained feeders in the woods for a number of years already, but until recently, when we put up a small one room cabin, I couldn't enjoy who was benefitting from it. The usual species such as chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers etc. are numerous. The flying squirrels are cute and the Ruffed Grouse enjoy it too. Until last night I hadn't thought about Snowshoe hare. He caught me by surprise when it came in and really had no fear of the light or me when I tapped on the window. To my understanding the numbers are down. I've never seen one this close, and to really check it over good..... guess now I need to throw out some whole corn, too ! The hind feet are really like snow shoes ! !
The deer come to eat, too and in spring when the bears wake up they will probably trash the whole thing as in every other year. I guess I would be disappointed if they didn't !
My feeders in town here aren't too exciting.... now and then a few Redpolls. A large flock of House finches (40-50) are here most everyday. One day last week I had 2 Bohemian Waxwings.. on several occasions I had a dozen or so Cedar waxwings.
As for other birds... the Snowy Owls are few and far between here. By the looks of it they passed us over so far this year as most reports are south and east. But I'll not give up yet, there is time yet for the big flight!

Happy Birding,

 Re: winter bird feeders
Author: Greg (
Date:   01-13-02 09:22

Connie, I'll bet you'll enjoy your one room cabin in the woods. Sounds like your feeder is really active. The snowshoe and grouse visitors are nice to have.

Our winter feeder in the woods has been pretty dull too. The usual Nuthatch and woodpecker species, bluejays, goldfinch, occasional red polls and a regular group of 20 or so Evening Grosbeaks. A few days ago we had a cardinal (unusual for our feeder) here and we had a brown creeper with a headache - after trying to visit us in the living room. Other than that, pretty quiet.

 Re: winter bird feeders
Author: Richard L. Smallwood-Roberts (
Date:   02-07-02 07:01


I am surprised to hear that snowshoe hare numbers are down. During deer season this year, I saw one or more every day, which is a first. I thought it was just the opposite! Maybe it's just there that they are abundant? OR, maybe it was just because they were white in a brown world. I had fun watching the weasels, too, which were also white. Both the hares and weasels stood out like strobe lights in the snowless woods. It made me think what an easy mark they would both be for a hawk or an owl.

The web site is looking pretty good, I think. Now, to catch some birds......

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