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 Bird Banding at Wilson Creek MAPS Station Info
Author: Richard L. Roberts (
Date:   09-30-02 11:35

Just checking in and saying hi. Banding results for the station from spring to now as well as photos are available on my website if anyone is wondering how things are panning out. I am very satisfied with the way things are going.

There have been some surprises over the summer, like the number of Ovenbirds that were captured, as well as Hermit Thrushes. There have been some disappointments as well, as only one each of Black-throated Green and Black and White Warblers were captured and banded. Both are resident in the area, and I expected to capture more of those species. No Pileated yet, but it will happen sooner or later. I also had a problem with a Broad-winged Hawk killing birds in the nets for a month or so. It eventually stopped, thankfully. I think I spooked it enough times.

In the next month I will be capturing and banding Northern Saw-whet Owls at night. Although I may try for them this coming weekend, the main weekend I will be setting up for them will be the weekend of October 19th-20th.

Again, if anyone is interested in visiting, please feel free to contact me. Here's the web site address again.


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