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 UK, birds threatened by proposed airport
Author: toria (212.137.49.---)
Date:   10-03-02 05:29

I hope you don't mind me joining your forum, but thought you may wish to support a small UK community and their fight to prevent our government from imposing a huge airport on us that would seriously harm the local birds and wildlife in general.

Many birds are dependent on a stretch of the river Avon that would be diverted underground beneath the proposed runway, affecting kingfishers feeding grounds and migrating birds navigation guide.

Bird strike is also a serious concern and one the Government seems to be ignoring. Draycote Water a massive reservoir, which is just two miles from the end of the proposed runways, hosts a roost of around 40,000 black headed gulls through the winter. These birds disperse each morning to their feeding areas and return each evening in large flocks. Any planes taking off or landing at the new airport would be at risk, as would the birds.

If you have a spare minute please visit our site and support our protest by sending an e-protest letter.

Locally we're doing quite well but could do with mor international suport. Thanks for your time, Toria

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