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 handicapped birding
Author: Duane Eastburn (
Date:   05-28-01 10:14

We are interested in finding places all over the country to go birding where we can drive or sit and watch without having to go any great distances. Neither one of us can go far (wife with walker-me with cane) We still want to bird as much as possible in areas that arte suitable. Thanks, Barb and Duane

 Re: handicapped birding
Author: Greg (
Date:   05-28-01 21:22

In my part of the country, the first couple of places that come to mind are the Miller Dam area of the Chequamegon National Forest in Taylor County, Wisconsin and the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in the western part of Wisconsin. Both areas have roads that put you close to water areas for viewing water fowl and other birds attracted to wetland habitats as well as roads through wooded areas for viewing woodland species (particularly Chequamegon).

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