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 land quest
Author: Robert Kilps (
Date:   03-09-03 20:58


I’m a Christian Minister who’s looking to buy a SMALL piece of (cheap---Did I say cheap? I meant economical! Ha! Ha! I’ve got to be a good “steward" of the Lord's money you know!) property (2-5? acres) within decent driving distant of some good deer hunting land---yeah I know, so is everyone else! If possible, we would like this small piece of property to be located near (within 30 miles) some nice public hunting land, or some nice public forest land, or better yet some nice private hunting land. (Not asking for too much, am I?) I have a 30 foot travel trailer that we plan on {occasionally} using during the summer, and fall seasons for camping/hunting.

A couple of other economical (i.e. cheap ) Minister friends and I are trying to buy a small piece of property that we can use as a "get-away" for the people in our church, a place of solitude (i.e. respite) from the busyness of the Lord’s work, and for our annual fall Deer hunting camp. (Deer hunting once a year is kind of our “get away” from the demanding responsibilities of being a Minister. It also gives us some time to fellowship together and to spend time teaching our growing children how to hunt. It's not only fun for us to hunt deer, we also a joy to be out in the peacefulness of the woods enjoying the Lord’s Creation!)

We’re not looking for a piece of the “Ponderosa.” Ha! Ha! If you ever go out to look at a (small) piece of land and say to yourself, “No one in their right mind would ever buy this piece of junk.” Well, think again; we would! (That’s how cheap, I mean economic, we are.) We’ll buy that piece of land that no one else would buy. That piece of property that may not have many trees on it, or for that matter even grass on it! We don’t care! A flat piece of good old farm land would be considered a blessing to us---just so long as it has a few large trees. We don’t desire to spend “big bucks” (good pun for some crazy deer hunters) on land just to hunt deer, so please keep the word economic (sounds better than cheap) in mind when looking for this land!

All kidding aside we are seriously interested in buying property. We are going to buy land somewhere--were just no going to buy a lot, and spend a lot. We’re also serious about not spending too much. We’re open to a land contract. We have the cash as long as the price is not too high. (Anything under 10,000 dollars would be nice!)

If you have any information on lands for sale, or any information on whom might have such a piece of property for sale, please contact me. In fact, if you even hear a rumor about someone selling a small piece of unwanted land please call!

I have had some offers to buy some plain old pasture land in Dunn and Taylor Counties for anywhere from 400 to 600 dollars and acre, but this land did not have any trees on it. We need at least one large tree to hang our deer in! Ha! Ha! I would like to spend as little as possible! If I can get 1{good) acre--in a good spot-- for under 2000.00 dollars I would be a happy man! If I have to spend 5000 dollars to buy a {nice} 3-5 acre piece that would also be a good thing. I am not seeking to spend more than 6000 to 80000 dollars for whatever I buy.

Home phone = 1.414.383.9673 (WORD)
Cell phone = 1.414.418.9673 (WORD)

My home address = 1977 S. 32nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

e-mail =

In Christ, Rev. Robert Kilps

Please read attached Bible tract

 Re: land quest
Author: Greg (
Date:   03-11-03 16:40

Hi Bob,

You might want to look up some of the realtors in the area. Several are listed on the FOTC web page: /r_estate.htm I'm most familiar with Quality Realty and Northwoods Realty and know that they frequently indicate whether the property they are selling is in close proximity to the Chequamegon National Forest.

Good luck in your search,

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