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 Educational outreach classes
Author: Mary Kay Duran (
Date:   10-09-02 20:33

Greetings fellow birders,
I am in need of some direction for starting an educational workshop in birding. We are opening the HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center; the nation's 1st camp/campground dedicated to the advancemant of astronomy education. While we are scheduling programs for next season we would like to include a bird watching as one of the workshops.
My question is this whom do I contact to approach on this project.
We are planning on building a tower/observation deck for use in conjunction with the workshop and for use by staff and local groups through out the year.
Thank you
Mary Kay Duran

 Re: Educational outreach classes
Author: Greg (206.29.211.---)
Date:   10-10-02 10:00

Sounds like a great idea, Mary Kay. Where are you located or specifically where do you intend to hold your bird watching workshops. . . and is the tower/observation deck to be used for bird watching purposes? Just in case other CBC members don't notice your message here, I'll bring it to the attention of one of the officers and hopefully they will have some ideas for you.

Good luck with this project, Greg

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