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 Marked Sandhill Cranes – Whooping Crane Reintroduction
Author: Susanne Adams (
Date:   05-25-01 19:35


We have been actively developing plans to propose the reintroduction of a migratory population of the whooping crane to the eastern United States. As part of the planning process we have conducted an experiment with sandhill cranes to demonstrate the ultralight aircraft migration technique that was successfully accomplished last fall.

Ten of the eleven sandhill cranes are heading north, probably toward their rearing grounds in Wisconsin. They left their winter home at St. Martins Marsh Aquatic Preserve in Florida on February 25.

All of the birds have leg bands with a red-over-green radio transmitter on the right leg and colored bands on the left leg. It is possible they will be traveling as a group rather than single birds.

I am asking for your assistance in locating these birds.

Please network with your local birding partners to keep a lookout for them. If they are sited, please notify the following Region 3 employees immediately and continue to moniter their location if possible until the tracking team arrives. Do not contact the media at this point. Any media contacts after they are found should be coordinated by Joan Guilfoyle who has been working on a draft press release.

-Dr. Richard Urbanek in Florida at 352-564-8321 (Tracking team lead)
- Joan Guilfoyle in Minneapolis at 612-713-5311 or cell 612-810-6797

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